David Squire is originally from Bristol, in the West of England,  and has recently returned there after thirty years away. Most recently he was living in Washington DC, where, toting  a tenor guitar and songs influenced by his punk/“new wave” upbringing and his Americana environment he played in the D.C. area.

David was a member of Bristol post-punk bands, The Inane and The Five Year Plan, playing synthesizer and tambourine.  After a quarter century of musical inactivity, he taught himself the tenor guitar, and started playing open mics in DC, covering songs by artists such as Nick Lowe, Laura Cantrell and Gene Clark.

David started writing his own songs after attending a Performing Songwriter workshop in Nashville, led by Gretchen Peters, in Spring 2016. He recorded a few songs with his old Inane and Five Year Plan pal, Tim Rippington, in February 2017. In October he recorded a couple of songs in Goodlettsville, just outside Nashville with a band including two of Nanci Griffith’s Blue Moon Orchestra. They then reconvened in April 2018 to record four more songs, which were released in July 2019 as the “Mandolin, Violin and Saw EP” available on all digital platforms and also on CD.