Mandolins etc

The new song in the latest tracks on the home page is "Mandolin, Violin and Saw". It came out of a songwriting workshop in Nashville, organized by Performing Songwriter website, and led by Gretchen Peters. It was a song I played at the the song circle, in front of about twenty peers, Gretchen and award winning songwriter Tom Douglas. It was played faster and had completely different words, which I hadn't actually written. As it was about the first song I'd tried to write I'd issued a challenge to a friend (a poet) to see if she could come up with lyrics. I'd played it at a few open mics and it was really the only finished song I could present to the workshop circle. Somewhere on my digital recorder is the performance. Chatting to Tom Douglas later he asked if I'd actually written the words. When I said I hadn't, he said he'd thought that was the case. "You didn't sound as if you believed in them," he said. He was right. It's been completely rewritten a couple of times, initially straight after the workshop, and then again after a terrific songwriting session with singer/songwriter Amy Speace. The arrangement and the pace has been changed, the whole feel of it. The lyrics are now mine. I believe in this version.

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