Song stories 3

“Two Drops Of Rain” - the one cover version on the EP, a song by Greg Trooper and John Sieger. I first heard a Greg Trooper song, I suspect like many other people, when Billy Bragg covered “Everywhere” on his 1991 album “Don’t Try This At Home”. It took me quite a few more years to really track his music down, actually when I was living in the USA. He was scheduled to be playing at my friend Kathryn’s series of house concerts in the East Village, NYC, a gig I was going to travel up to from D.C. when in January 2017 the news came through that he had died. 

I started playing a couple of his songs in my set and “Two Drops Of Rain” was one that went down particularly well. Whenever I’ve played covers (which I did all the time when I first started playing open mics) they’ve had to be songs I’ve loved, enjoyed, that have meant something. I had the thought that I’d like to do a cover in the studio and this seemed the right one. 

As usual Vaughn, Le Ann and Pat made huge contributions and helped me to try and do justice to the original. I deliberately hadn’t listened to the original version for quite a while and I don’t think the others knew it at all. Pat and Vaughn thought some fiddle and mandolin would work and brought in Eamon McLoughlin (Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Grand Ole Opry house band). 

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