Mandolin, Violin and Saw EP now available on Bandcamp

As of today, all six songs from the EP are available on my Bandcamp page. Includes lyrics and artwork for the CD. Unfortunately the CD is still not yet available, the company that I originally tried to use failed to…

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“Hey Buddy” or in full if you like “Hey Buddy, You’ve Got A Tender Heart”

This is a song that came completely out of the Gretchen Peters songwriting workshop in Nashville. It was an emotionally exhausting few days for most…

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It Doesn’t Hurt To Hurt Sometimes - a love song? Fragments of remembered conversations, some in person, some by phone, most written in letters (as the song says, there was nothing else), some written in cards, on postcards, borrowed poems…


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“Two Drops Of Rain” - the one cover version on the EP, a song by Greg Trooper and John Sieger. I first heard a Greg Trooper song, I suspect like many other people, when Billy Bragg covered “Everywhere” on his…

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I Tried To Write A Byrds Song For You - about 1987/88 and most British indie bands at the time counted amongst their influences The Velvet Underground and The Byrds.This song came out of thinking about this time in Bristol…

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Mandolin, Violin and Saw” came out of an exercise at the Gretchen Peters songwriting workshop that I attended in Nashville. We had to think of a happy memory from childhood and I thought of a particular morning with my gran…


EP being readied for release

I’ve been a bit inactive for a while, but finally preparing to release my EP, to be called “Mandolin, Violin and Saw”. It features that song, four other originals and a cover:

That Dress, Hey Buddy, It Doesn’t Hurt (To…


Mandolin Violin and Saw

Recorded in Goodlettsville, Tennessee in October 2017

David Squire - vocals and tenor guitar

Le Ann Etheridge - bass guitar

Vaughn Lofstead - acoustic and electric guitars

Pat McInerney - drums and percussion


Two Drops Of Rain


One of the songs we recorded in April was a version of Greg Trooper’s song “Two Drops Of Rain”. I’ve played it live for a while and thought it would lend itself well to a band version. I’d…


New recordings at The Smokehouse Studio

I was back in Goodlettsville, Tennessee in late April, recording four more songs. Again I was aided and abetted by the same musicians as last Autumn, who are:

Le Ann Etheridge - bass guitar, harmony vocals

Vaughn Lofstead…


Work in progress

At the bottom of the homepage, there's a new song, "That Dress", new in the sense that I've not played it anywhere yet though I've been working on it for a while. I had an inspiring songwriting lesson from singer/songwriter…