“Mandolin, Violin and Saw” EP is now available on all digital platforms

So happy that the EP is now out there for you to listen to, and hopefully buy a song or two (or six). It’s now available on just about every digital platform you can think of, and quite a few I wasn’t aware of courtesy of CDBaby.  The EP is also available through a link in this site’s store.

Tracklisting is:

1. Mandolin, Violin and Saw  2. I Tried To Write A Byrds Song For You  3. Two Drops Of Rain  4. It Doesn’t Hurt To Hurt Sometimes  5. Hey Buddy  6. That Dress 

I’m going to write a little about each song over the next week or so. One of the issues with digital releases is that you generally don’t get all the information that might be on the CD/vinyl artwork so I’ll include that here too. There will be a CD available too soon.

If you could listen, share, let me know what you think, that would be wonderful.


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