Recorded at DB Studios, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
David Squire - vocals, tenor guitar
Mark Smith - acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
Jon Ravenhill - bass
Jerry Ravenhill - electric guitar
Terry McKenzie - drums
Andy Butler - keyboards
Andy Gilliams - harmony vocals


In a city that wakes up slowly
Second coffee on Chippewa Square
Came in early night train from D.C.
Not knowing what I’d find there
Outside table Gallery Espresso
Saw students sketching neath the Spanish moss
On the corner East Perry and Bull Streets
Started forgetting what I had lost

I’d never had Georgia on my mind
I just went there to see what it was like
Now I’m dreaming of Savannah days and nights
Dreaming of Savannah days and nights

Corner booth Crystal Beer Parlor
Sat drinking Southbound Scattered Sun
Black coffee in a basement bookshop
One way to spend an afternoon
I was listening to Southern Accents
Southern accents but not like mine
Quayside cobbles down by the river
And my hometown came to mind

I’d never had Georgia on my mind . . .